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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Daily Sri Ramakrishna Quote


This is our Daily Sri Ramakrishna Quote:

Excerpted from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna p.167

Thursday 12/1/17

The Master Said:

"Once a man realizes God through intense dispassion,
he is no longer attached to woman.
Even if he must lead the life of a householder,
he is free from fear of and attachment to woman.
Suppose there are two magnets, one big
and the other small.
Which one will attract the iron?
The big one,of course.
God is the big magnet. Compared to Him,
woman is a small one.
He who has realized God does not look upon
a woman with the eye of lust;
so he is not afraid of her.
He perceives clearly that women are but so many aspects
of the Divine Mother.
He worships them all as the Mother Herself."

om tat sat

~~~~~~ om shanthi om~~~~~~