Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi

A Place where devotees gather to share inspiration.

"Holy Mother" painted by Swami Tadatmananda

Used courtesy of the Vedanta Society of Southern California

Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Daily Sri Ramakrishna Quote


This is our Daily Sri Ramakrishna Quote:

Excerpted from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna p.173

Wednesday 17/1/18

The Master Said:

"Devotion to God may be said to be 'green' so long
as it doesn't grow into love of God;
but it becomes 'ripe' when it has grown into such love.
A man with 'green bhakti cannot assimilate
spiritual talk and instruction;
but one with 'ripe' bhakti can.
The image that falls on a photographic plate
covered with black film is retained.
On the other hand, thousands of images may be refelected
on a piece of bare glass, but not one of them
is retained. As the object moves away,
the glass becomes the same as it was before."

om tat sat

~~~~~~ om shanthi om~~~~~~


This is a reasonably accurate representation of my home shrine, of more than thirty-five years: