Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi

A Place where devotees gather to share inspiration.

"Holy Mother" painted by Swami Tadatmananda

Used courtesy of the Vedanta Society of Southern California

Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Daily Sri Ramakrishna Quote


This is our Daily Sri Ramakrishna Quote:

Excerpted from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna p.209

Saturday 9/3/19

The Master Said:

"God is engaged in three kinds of activity:
creation, preservation and destruction.
Death is inevitable. All will be destroyed at the time of dissolution.
Nothing will remain. At that time the Divine Mother
will gather up the seeds for the future creation,
even as the elderly mistress of the house
keeps in her hotchpotch-pot little bags of cucumber seeds,
'sea-foam', blue pills, and other miscellaneous things.
The Divine Mother will take her seeds out again
at the time of the new creation."

om tat sat

~~~~~~ om shanthi om~~~~~~


This is a reasonably accurate representation of my home shrine, of more than thirty-five years: