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Pandora Vanderpump: Princess of Dogs

Pandora Vanderpump: Princess of Dogs
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire
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The princess of dogs takes after her family, who also has a huge spiritual concern for the good welfare of dogs. Her family is very well known for all their kind deeds to many, especially in honor of dogs.

This legacy can be continued through all the legends of dogs worldwide: who represent love, loyalty and death. They are perfectly aligned with floral themes as well and feminine spiritual principles of grace & nurturing.

The spirit of the dog can heal loneliness, depression and restlessness; not to mention that they see through spiritual and physical disease as well.

Dogs that we have in life are always with us as each of their spirits is unique, blessed and special!

Pandora Vanderpump: Princess of Dogs

There are many breeds of dog; but, all are said to be some form of the wolf.

The wolf is known as the wild mother who protects her nature home from evil, destruction and disrespect towards everything under her moonlight.

Due to the cultural shifting of perceptions of women throughout history; the wolf also became the symbol for the devil in its hunting form! As the wolf will starve for long periods of time and stalk before making a kill.

Being alone can be very hard for a wolf; that's why dogs are known as pack animals- together they create a spiritual bond which feels friendly, comforting and warm.

Pandora Vanderpump: Princess of Dogs

The wolf leads us down many paths in time. Wolves are hard to trust because they are so stealthy, strong (they kill with their bites) and seem to have a special pact with darkness and death- which is super human.

The Author: Deanna Jaxine Stinson

Please Gods & Goddesses- in honor of the wolf

Bless us Xx

Protect us xx
Lead us through all your passes XX
To the water
Of Heaven & fire