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Kylie Jenner: Sugar Goddess

Kylie Jenner as the Sugar Goddess
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire
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Kylie Jenner is a popular entrepreneur that mixes together different fragrances and such to make beauty elixirs. She sells a lot of sugar scrubs- which is what is on my mind lately- SUGAR!


Not to say, having occasional treats will kill you, but there is an overabundance of sugar purchased in America.

Sugar is given to the dead as an offering as it smells so fragrant.

Combine sugar with oil to make a good body scrub that can be used all over from head to toes.

I also love how she is a leo and it seems she glows in her pictures from the inside out ESPECIALLY in the sun- which is so important to soak up spiritually- but, can be bad for our bodies- so it's good to do a sugar scrub, wear oils and sunscreen if you can!

My fav thing she did was her "rise and shine" song- did she realize how good it was omg??!!

Also, one of her signature emojis is a white heart!

How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! (bible)

White light is pure & protecting to all those who envision it (also, it is strongly tied in to the angel Metatron)

Sugar is used in magick as an attractor for sweet things, but in overabundance can bring in ants or other forms of bad luck.

Use sugar in moderation- it also rots your teeth- which is directly tied to your heart, your karma and so much more.

Envision the white light whenever you are near pure white sugar to help your spirit tune into this beautiful frequency and you can also counteract the staining of sugar on your teeth by adding hydrogen peroxide to your mouthwashes.

Sugar magick is popularly used in love and friendships in various ways to create harmony. One such way is quite literally through gifts of candy, cakes and other sugary goodies. It will create a special bond between the giver and receiver- which is strengthened in love. Yet, another way is through magick, by using sugar as an artistic metephor, an etheric offering for the Gods to enjoy as well- but, only if given from a pure heart.

Having too much sugar, can be like a spiritual simulation for being greedy, as your face and body will give out under the ugliness of your actions.

Sugar is quite powerful and runs through our lives in so many unforseen ways- just like how it's mixed up with cakes and cookies like a poison, which is colored, flavored and hidden.

Politically as well, sugar motivates our governments, jobs and even land usages in THE SAME WAYS.

Brazil is said to be the biggest supplier of sugar right now! (2021)

Sugar is a plant.

One goddess in Brazil who watches over the sugar crops resides at a sanctuary called Casa de Iemanjá, of a blue-and-white-painted ­temple fronted by a life-size sculpture of the mermaid deity, done up in seashells and shards of mirror. People believe they must make offerings in this country still to ensure protection of the lands forever- which must be working as a good luck charm, because Brazil is always in lead for sugar production. There are many sea goddesses in fact, which help with the sugar crops- which is also another example of using it with water and oil as a scrub, for best benefits.

Goddess Bless Xx

Forever protected by Wish Fire

and the Wish Fire Music Secret Society