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Kendall Jenner: Candy Apple Goddess

Kendall Jenner: Candy Apple Goddess
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire
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Kendall Jenner is a supermodel and fashion icon who leads a fantasy life that exists in photographs. Her style is timeless and story book modern & classic. If you believe in the concept of expression through energy, especially through the eyes- than she is the perfect example. If you have ever heard the saying, "She is the apple of my eye" she is definitely fit to that like a glove because she gathers alot of attention for her beauty.

Apples represent alot of different things. For one, they are found in many various shades and varieties- so, widespread that they can be found almost anywhere there is food or even growing on trees in the land and wilderness. They have a deep spiritual significance, which is immortalized in artwork, expressed in music and dance, spiritual foundations and so much more.

Apples represent luxury, wealth, feminine power, knowledge and especially if they are sugary- love & passion. Some say the apple is the symbol for Aphrodite herself- due to when you cut apart an apple- there is a star, or pentagram with seeds in the center which represents the power of life- all the elements in essence, much like a regeneration of love and light itself. Other people feel that the apple was a wicked tempting thing, which broke apart relationships with the divine, by sacred knowledge of magic, illumination and somehow channeling spiritual information from the trees themselves- which are said to be immortal.

Kendall Jenner: Candy Apple Goddess

In fairytales, apples represent eternity being poisoned and tainted. They are frequently the subject of an evil entity who wishes to poison young, enchanting and gorgeous people with their dark wisdoms. For example, the apple was said to be the forbidden fruit of the bible, which Satan, as a serpent whispered temptations into the ears of the youthful Adam and Eve from the tree of Knowledge, itself. Also, in the tale of "Snow White," she is tricked into eating a poisoned apple by her evil rival.

As a perfume, Apple will bring in fresh energy and wisdom. Apple energy is very crisp and refreshing and brightens up the skin and mind like a light. (Illumination) Apples are a main ingredient in love potions. An old superstition is that if a young woman twists off the top stem of an apple while reciting the alphabet, it will break at the mention of the first letter of their lovers' name.

Apple seeds have a lot of power in vitality. If you eat apple seeds, you will be enlightened by the suns energy (which is to nurture and protect from darkness) Apple is the best smelling fruit for a summer day- because of the ripest taste on your tounge, when you eat an apple it is juicy, delicious and you can find any flavor to please you for your desires.

Kendall Jenner: Candy Apple Goddess

Another interesting point about Apples in history, is the use of them around books, places of knowledge and sacred worship of deities; such as-: Aphrodite, Freyja, Lucifer, Hera & Athena. There are also several Gods who, have left behind a legacy by the magick of the tree itself by attaching theirselves to it's roots; or legacy.

With apple, you have limitless power to provide and protect others with holy knowledge which others do not possess. This is especially due in important situations; such as those in power to Heavenly people and places, which are destined to supernaturally exist in cosmic order and Genesis, first before God and all the others; as a representation of our finest achievements and celebrations!

Apples are also frequently given to teachers and academic professionals as they represent experts in certain fields- chosen especially by many goddesses of the past, for their intellect and honor of good service to people, both frequently and without burden to heavy to bear (the representation).

Also, because of their shape- the apple can represent a woman's body- with it's curvature, tempting nature and seducing spell it casts over you, in it's ultimate form of completion and prestige. Apples are bitten with the teeth and devoured as a symbol of the serpent who drank the blood of immortality, simultaneously while casting out all unknown dark mysteries from paradise,- where only the most pure in form can reside.

Kendall Jenner: Candy Apple Goddess

A popular treat on Halloween is a candied apple and Halloween is a holiday in which we celebrate by dressing up to express ourselves to others by our bodies as the gates to the eyes. In spirit, the Holiday represents the art of the costume: or that which exits in time by predestined circumstance rooted in our lives as a cultural and religious mark of solitude and independence from the beginning of existence (as the seed becomes the apple- it slowly moves farther away from God and family into another world- sprouting into the sun and then releasing flowers and fragrance as a mixture of springtime fertility and primal timing can begin) At the same time- it signals the ending of one world and transformation into the next, while finally the apple is devoured as like in Hell, by gnawing until the seeds die and bloom again. In fact, it's Eve- or the night herself which tempts death through her doors, perhaps by turning her hands away from God, in order to shield her eyes from the sun as she replants them for the future, gaining the ultimate knowledge of creation- a power much more important than a mortal can bear.

A game that is played in popular tradition during Halloween is called Bobbing for Apples. It's one in which you put your hands behind your back and try to eat an apple, which is floating in water, before anyone else can- to prove you have the best skill and luck, and favor of the gods. You should be blindfolded by silk and it should be red and tied over your eyes to do it exactly right in symbol of love, and using other colors for supernatural games as well.

Candy apples smell extra delicious and their scent can attract vibrant and fruitful wealth to one's door. They are tied to prestige, wealth and honor of both supernatural and natural lands. Apples are mainly water in nature and most juices are made with added fruit sugars, for the taste we prefer right now as a culture is like a honey flavor, which is easy to swallow and digest, both into our conscious and subconscious as well.

Best Love Blessed Xx


Wish Fire

Deanna Jaxine Moonstone