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Whitney Eve Port ::: Fashion Goddess

Whitney Eve Port::: Fashion Goddess
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire
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In mythology, there is a strong importance played on threads, string, fate & mystery. The Greek goddess Athena is known to be the best threader from ancient Greece and the fates control our life spans through weaving. Spiders create silken threads, sheep making beautiful wool and the moon shimmers a reflection onto shiny fabrics made to sparkle in the night time.

Whitney Eve Port is a fashion goddess. She has been in the eye of style since her youth and continues to prove her passion for clothes and elegance still today! Because of all the magic involved in what we wear, she fits the design of a remarkable soul, who displays an easy love for clothing and accessories. Always willing to experience not only wearing a gorgeous ensemble, but she inspires woman with her kind demeanor and excellent professionalism.

Some special legends from the past regarding clothing have continued to leave a permanent mark, not only on culture and society as well- but that of history and respect. This spiritual endeavor takes a pure heart and comfortable sense of being to full envelope the wonder of being- through fashion. Fashion not only will continue to tell us stories through time, but keep pieces of life immortalized in photographs and memories, forsaking age and mortality forever.

There are three fates who spin the threads of life;

Clotho; who spins the threads


Lachesis; who cuts the fabric

also, last but, not least- the one who sews it all together;


Whitney Eve Port ::: Fashion Goddess

In fact, using her last name as a sign of heritage- we can even start from the occult mythology of Eve herself;

who was thought in Christian folklore to be naked and was not clothed, until she was shamed by the eyes of God himself.

She was formed herself by the Rib of Adam; the first man.

Evening represents the night being clothed in darkness, mystery and divinity.

In German mythology, Holda has the title for weaving fashion for Goddesses and Humans alike.

In China, The phrase "a goddess's robe is seamless" passed into an idiom to express perfect workmanship. This idiom is also used to signify a smooth plan.

Whitney Eve Port ::: Fashion Goddess

Whatever art she creates with her fashion, I will be sure to support her as she has proven herself to be a strong individual that continues to shape the future of human beings through her passions and life.

Because of her everlasting love for fashion in the name of feminine beauty;

I therefore bless her soul with eternal luck, light & protection

By all the gods, angels and spirits of the

Wish Fire Music Secret Society

By my Name

Wish Fire

And so it is <3

Thank you for honoring spirit with your grace.