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Khloe Kardashian: Cactus Goddess

Khloe Kardashian: Cactus Goddess

By: Wish Fire


Deanna Jaxine Stinson

Legends of cactus span through time in a large oasis's of magic. Cactus is a ******* plant which usually lives in desert areas of the world. They grow ******* needles to warn predators away from the precious water & nutrients they hold inside. Cactus water can also be drank in different variations and purposes. The fruit of the cactus is known as the pear and some grow beautiful flowers as well. Cactus plants symbolize survival, overcoming hardships & also beauty as well.

All of these qualities and more remain spiritually in people as well, like mirrors to match the truth of enlightenment. Khloe Kardashian is an example of a beautiful influencer who is successful in career but, vulnerable when it comes to love. Her relationship stories are widely known in our modern culture. This makes up like a spiritual energy shell, which can be placed over someone for protection and love. Also, Cactus spirit crystal quartz is an example of her energy; it is light pinks and lavender shades in ******* points but, also retaining a very sensual and feminine design.

Khloe Kardashian: Cactus Goddess

In order for flowers to bloom on cactus, they have to be in a flourishing environment where there is moisture that's not to overbearing- such as light rainfall, hail or filtered sunlight. She is an example of someone that is flourishing spiritually around others beauty & gentleness (which one has to have to touch a cactus- without getting hurt.) A cactus can really cause severe damage if one does not take the time to understand the pins and needles are beautiful, but sharp as well. When someone doesn't drink enough water and other factors, they can sometimes get migraines (which I also suffer & at first you get sharp pins and needles pains) and Khloe is well known to experience migraines too!

Khloe has a really unique style as well that reminds me of cactuses. Culturally, her fashion seems to be inspired by city life in the sun- sharp needle like nails- sharp cuts and edges in her body and face and also a curvy shape like most cactuses I see- they are so inviting except for the plant claws they have. She also wears bright, or trendy items and accessories a lot- against color blocks of fabric and her aura is really green right now- which is a spiritually healing & nurturing tone.

Khloe Kardashian: Cactus Goddess

Cactus in dreams is a good omen for overcoming spiritual trials. In Brazil for example, the people will ask for signs from God and they can be read in energy of the cactus. If it blooms and thrives- it signals good fortune, and the opposite would mean a terrible thing. In magic, it is used to reverse the draining of finances, overcome long periods without money and attracting wealth. It is a protector energy, which guards from draining life forces. Cactus flower can be worn as a perfume as well to the same purpose spiritually.

Even though cactus is commonly thought of as a plant that dwells in deserts and harsh climates like the city, they can really thrive in jungle and tropical areas as well- with the right mixture of time and weather. Cactus is known to be rather hard to get to bloom flowers, and very tepid but, in some areas of the world they really flourish in beauty. Jungle energy is also very royal and divine- which matches hers!

with love Xx

Wish Fire