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Lucy Hale: Blackberry Goddess

Lucy Hale: The Blackberry Goddess

By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson

Wish Fire

Lucy Hale: The Blackberry Goddess

Blackberries are very dark in color, so deep and richly toned that they appear black in low lighting. For this reason, they have been compared by Christians and others to the forbidden fruit; secrets, hidden mana and dark beauty. Lucy is an actress and she has played alot of parts on t.v. that fit this characterization, probably due to her spiritual and physical beauty, which is the same type of energy.

She has a tattoo on her arm that says: "I love you." and it's the first thing you can see as a message from her, which i like because I also have a love tattoo on my arm! I noticed that she has a very fun and kind heart and she sort of just reminds me of blackberries right now. She has an ethereal glow and quality, which comes from inside, which is easy to read by those linked into the supernatural energy.

Lucy Hale: The Black Berry Goddess

Black Berries are very supernatural. They can represent beauty, if eaten at night because in the day time they are a much lesser shade and so looking weaker or less strong. She reminds me of the dark berry undertones in her energy fields, which looks different under lighting on the different scenes that she films. They can appear black, purple, blue, golds, oranges and brown- all shades and colors in between, even sometimes red as well.

In the paranormal world, stories have it that you shouldn’t eat blackberries after Michaelmas Day because, St Michael, for whom the day is named- battled Lucifer and kicked him out of heaven, where he landed in hell- on a thorny blackberry bush. So angry was he, that he cursed the blackberry bush and ensured its berries would taste foul from St Michaelmas Day onwards. I believe this is just a complicated explanation for what i just said as well in another form as interpretation- Lucifer as the morning light, lucifer as the jewel fallen from the crown of God and Lucifer the God of time and darkness, changing dusk to dawn- we see the sky bleeding to death from his sharp blades, fractured sides, wings & tounge, like a diamond fallen from the sky of a ring, broken much more...

Lucy Hale: The Black Berry Goddess

The fruit of the shadows and the night holds mysterious power over our hands, our crown chakras, our connection to source and is very important as a seed for health of our bodies as well. They have five petal flowers, which bloom in the springtime. five represents stars and satans sign is an upturned mirror star- which symbolizes the darkness of the future of the afterworld, dark desires, enchantments, illusions, dreams, seduction, temptations and even sometimes a feminine evil power.

Blackberries are also said to be a symbol for blood. As is the case that when we bleed, the blood in our veins starts as blues, purples and exposed to the oxygen- it will turn red. This is also like fire- burning at different temperatures, the nature of fire and also life- transformation and balance. This fruit is a very powerful spiritual and physical tool of desire, to balance the subconcious, conscious and power over the Earth and Heaven.

Excellent Taste & Passion Forever XX

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