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100 Ghost Stories *3

100 Ghost Stories *3
81. Stupid Love-

According to an article from MTV- Lady Gaga, an American popstar claims that she was being bothered by a ghost and that he was annoying her badly. Apparently, according to the article- the ghost was terrifying her so bad that she had to hold a séance to figure out the issue and banish him from her presence. The ghosts name was said to be Ryan and he was frightening her, so bad so, she said and then later that it was just annoying instead. But, I have not heard about him since.

82. Time Has No Meaning-

There are many different afterworlds and dimensions which exist in theory. They are places of eternity- which is basically an explanation to seal forever with. In certain dimensions, time has no meaning and does not even exist. So, an afterworld could not be here if time did not matter. Because in spiritual principle, time is everything and hearts are viewed by the judges of our fate in order to determine the measurements of our worth, by how we spent our time and the reward or punishment for either or, like sins and burdens, which make us heavy and miserable. Ghosts, like in "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, can be depicted with chains in order to represent this idea.

84. Fashion Forever-

Ghosts are sighted in clothes of their time and age. It is maybe a representation of perception or perhaps it is fashion forever which defines them. From what they wear, I can determine their purpose and historical accuracy for reporting on the paranormal. They have connected with their clothes, from whatever reason. A lot of ghosts seem to be seen in the clothes they had on in death- which is perhaps to tell a story or to redefine principals of trading and connection. Ghost fashion is one of my favorite things to look at, while some spirits I see will simply shroud theirselves in silk or sheets like maybe coffin fabrics as well. It's hard to explain because it's like a vision, or dream instead of a physical distinction of character and flaw.

85. Barn Ghosts-

Barns are so creepy at night as they seem to be able to get darker than most rooms in a house. Not only that, but they have items stored inside of them which may have been moved here to keep out of the way or maybe a pet which has since died. Barns have been known to mysteriously catch on fire from unnatural causes, where there are no explanations. People hide things in barns, because no one has any interests in going there. I know I have seen a lot of ghosts in barns and heard stories as well. Barns are also usually close to fields, where scary creatures and alien beings are thought to roam. I remember being scared of many barns growing up from all the animal ghosts that I saw and they made me feel uncomfortable. Once a cows mom died but I saw its ghost right at dusk and it wouldn't stop wailing for the loss. The smell of hay or alfalfa is ancient and was used in will to ward away evil and is also thought to bring about many blessings.

86. Chickens Blood-

In some voodoo and rituals, chickens are slaughtered for purpose of virility and magick. People still today mimic this by killing turkeys for their thanksgiving feasts. The blood is used as an offering to the Gods to right wrongs and offer guidance and protection. When I was a kid my grandma chopped off a chickens head with an ax and it ran around without it's head on for several minutes. The chickens will dig things out of the ground with their beaks and claws of interest and can bless land and homes, but are easily killed by prey. Due to that innocent nature, they have been used in rituals of worship and penance in magick. When I went to Stinson Beach one time, there was a slaughtered white chicken on the beach by the water, well also there is a cult that was using the area too. Lots of strange lights are seen in the area as well as ghost sightings of people doing magic.

87. Paradise-

The idea of paradise exists in many variations. It is a ghost town in itself. The paradise represented in the bible is one in which mankind was not meant to exist. Also, the ghost towns of people who once thrived and brought cities to life and were abandoned when the soul was gone. The paradise of our memories no longer exists anymore, they are ghosts- ghost towns, ghost cities and ghost vibes and they love the silence.

88. Ghosts Take Over-

Where the days that the ghosts were taking over, the ones we created Holy water and crosses for or is it for the future when the other galaxies collide here with us. Or are they the ghosts of stars bursting into black holes and secrets which no human can tell. Is the day the Ghosts cross over from here why we go on somewhere else? Only time can tell us then and we will not be able to repeat the secrets unless we are asked to by the universe itself.

89. Ghosts of Giants-

Some believe that giants once ruled the Earth. People have speculated that these giants built several monuments such as the Pyramids and even Stonehenge. I have seen ghosts of giants and they are like Gods, with stars in their crowns- yet they are made to hold the Earth up in pieces, much like Atlas- who is considered a Titan- which is a primordial God. A ghost of a giant who is now tied in chains to hold us up somehow by force of authority. Giants are gigantic enough to carry out these tasks, as well as the imprinting of their energy like clouds and invisibility.

90. Caught Red Handed-

When someone says that the blood is on your hands it means that you are responsible for death. It can be death in many forms and not just the physical but, the red is supposed to suffice for the blood of time and essence of life. Murders are marked by the blood they spill and so it is an ode to not being able to get away from eternal responsibility to karmic debt. This saying actually originated in Scotland and was discovered in the 15th century and it can relate to animals or people's blood. If someone commits a crime- they will not escape their fate is what it means.

91. Car Crash Stories-

People die in traffic collisions quite frequently. It is one of the main causes of sudden and unnatural deaths. There are many candles and memorials which sit on the side of the roads, which are meant to remind us of the person that died and help to comfort their souls. The road can be very quiet at night and so very scary. Stories of ghosts causing accidents are also told. They are victims of crashes themselves, wandering the roads in grief and despair, some who are left here. Reports of ghost cars are popular on Dyer Lane in Sacramento and have been reported on quite frequently and ghosts, like which I have seen of teenagers walking and a woman crying to death from also getting an e.v.p. there which said-" watch out" before a car came whizzing by way too fast.

92. Virtual Ghosts-

Articles written in the past can come back to haunt people by the own words that they said. People can be taken to court over things said with the Tounges. People's lives can be ruined by social media and the internet as well. These are virtual ghosts and they can cause a lot of havoc for someone wanting a job, relationship or good standing in society. Virtual ghosts exist on the internet in light codes but, can easily manifest as bad energy in the waking world.

93. Praise God-

Praise God is a phrase that people say when they are happy that something didn't go the way they wanted, but seemingly as the way God wanted. This is due to misconceptions we might have about each other that would tear us apart eventually. It's like when you lust for a relationship but, something causes it to not work out and then you discover something terrible about the person and you are happy it didn't work out. Or maybe, it is a job that you wanted and something really bad happened to the people working their and not you. Praise God is a way to settle the ghosts of our fantasies.

94. Ghost of Ourselves-

This is the ghost of who we thought that we were. We can release this ghost by acknowledging our namesake and divine birthrights. I am the ghost of who I was because time changes everything to take the truth along like light for the sky ways. Tunnels to the ways we thought, adapted and learned still will beckon us but, they will not lead us astray. We can be the ghost of ourselves in company as well if we let them use our life force instead of theirs. When people become parents they sometime loose who they are and ghosts will appear to the kids to remind them- through stories, family connection and other forms of healing and expression.

95. Ghost of a Queen-

Royalty is so well known that they are constantly being watched and recorded for their deeds, fashion, jewelry and acts of kindness and deliverance. Their ghosts live on in special shrines, museums, historical places and elegant locations. Their ghosts can live on for a very long time because they are so renowned and collected so many hearts that they are full of beauty. People will save anything if it is connected to royalty from furniture, silverware and miscellaneous devices all in the name of connection. They will feel as they were a friend to humankind itself and be inspired too.

96. Tarot Card Ghosts-

While I was sleeping, I saw the people in the tarot cards come to life and they were acting like how they would in each one. The three of cups card was the one that stood out the most and the people were dancing and celebrating with the iron cups in their hands and i asked them what they were doing and I became far away to them, like a ghost. People play with tarot cards and then spirits will appear and grow close with them as they bond over the cards. The purpose is for the messages which will bring peace to the heart and mind, but some do leave ghosts behind.

97. The Thirteenth Power-

So it's unlucky to have a 13th floor in a hospital or building as its thought that spirits will be kept locked there. The number 13 has very magical properties due to the corresponding magic and sequence of the two numbers put together- which create portals similar to clocks, in terms of movement, motion, moments, hours, minutes and seconds! The three phases of the clock; morning, noon and night- daydreams, visions or nightmares can become real through luck and this is an indicator of that. It is the subconscious counterpart to the stable number 12, which puts together the calendar in perfection, while the thirteenth hour exists as a spiritual notion of afterlife.

98. Baseball Ghosts-

Field of dreams is another good movie on ghosts. It tells the tale of a man who hears voices which tell him to build a baseball diamond in a corn field. After he is led to build it- he is visited by the ghosts of all the great players of the Chicago Whitesox league. The film was made in 1989 and was inspired by W. P. Kinsella's 1982 novel Shoeless Joe. Although the movie is a work of fantasy, i like how it carries the basic thought, "If you build it- he will come" which is what the whispering voices say to the main character. It's basically about the art of manifestation and luck in a nutshell. It was also nominated three times for prestigious awards, but not won as an ode to that- although the film is being persevered for it's impact on our culture.

99. Haunted Homes-

That is a worst fear- that some people have- living in a haunted home. They even have haunted houses at Halloween meant to spook you to death, thinking about it. I have worked as a scare actress at haunted entertainment locations and the fun part is scaring people so that they scream and run, thinking you are a monster or something but, then you know later they will laugh about it. Ghosts show us that infinity is possible and life is meant to be cherished. Common themes in a real haunted house though? footsteps, whispers, ghostly flashes going by fast as lightning in the house, bad luck, exhaustion, depression and irritable spiritual behaviors due to the stress. It's very real and scary to have an intruder walking throughout your house as you sleep and can be someone's worst dream or happiness- depending on how you look at it. The ghosts will haunt homes because they love living there and they wont go away without a fight, especially since they were there first!

100. 100 Ghost Stories-

It's a Japanese urban legend to light 100 candles and then to recite a ghost story per each flame, while than blowing it out. This is thought to summon a very powerful spirit and can be done with many variations. It is known as Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai and was a popular parlor game of the Edo period;- "A Gathering of One Hundred Supernatural Tales" as began in approximately the 16th century. While the exact origins are a mystery, it was believed that it was first played amongst the samurai class as a test of courage and faith.