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100 Ghost Stories *2

100 Ghost Stories *2
100 Ghost Stories *2
100 Ghost Stories *2
43. Dead Trees-

I saw trees in my dreams that were completely alive but, in the city when I walked by them they were dead. The tree's change their life force with the seasons and in the winter, the flowers bloom in the afterworlds. If you dig beneath a tree in your dream you will have very good luck, abundance and success. The bark of the tree has magical properties and can be turned into oils. The Eucalyptus trees were planted in Elk Grove, California to protect the pioneers from the wind, marking the trails and many people have reported seeing ghosts- as well as I of a young pioneer girl in the area.

44. The Death Witch-

She points her spiny finger at you because she is so skinny and has no life force within her at all. Her fingers are like branches scratching windows on a dark stormy night and she points at you because she is like the Yggdrasil, the trees of cosmic life and death and knowledge and she has wisdom and knows your time is coming soon. She can be seen pointing at things in the forests and wild areas where she roams. Some people think she is a fairy because of the folklore here there is a lot of Celtic Gods and pagans so she resembles their ways.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Psychic Medium

45. Tree Eyes-

Elk Grove has over 100 parks and they have lots of ghosts and animals. On some of the trees there is knots of wood, which are meant to be cut apart to show age in the rings and depth and width of creation, but instead pile into a shape like an eye. The eyes are on many trees and sometimes I can see the body of wood nymphs or fae resting inside of the hollow ones. The curvature of a body, the resemblance of time and the mirror of our mind existing in roots and veins- connecting to God and source all at once, all knowing forever.

46. Speaking in Tongues-

My dad used to say weird phrases in church and some people told him it was a prophetic gift- of the holy spirit because the language of theirs is not like ours. There are then people who can interpret it. Also, there are spirits and ghosts who speak many different syllables that we can have a hard time understanding. It is meant to cause healing or curses onto people and the reverse can be done by the devil as well. One time he was screaming this weird language and the interpreter was explaining that it meant we were all going to be let into Heaven after we atone for our sins and we are loved. Prayers are equally as powerful spoken by our tongues and on our lips to God.

47. Tulpas-

A tulpa is a being thought to originate from Tibetan mysticism. They are spirits brought to life by our mental and spiritual nature. They are the urban legends that we created from fear and from stories and books- the monsters who haunted us until they became real. An example is slenderman- who was created by ghost stories and rumours. I one time wrote a science fiction novel and saw the character walking alongside the road after I wrote about him for hours. He had a black and purple robe and glowing boots. His name was a symbol like a sword and spiral ankh.

48. The Nun-

Where i live there is a spirit of a nun that I have seen since the first day I moved in here. Even the old roommate who was here before- who I never met had mentioned the nun. When I first moved in she didn't like me so if I fell asleep on the couch she would pinch me until i left her sight. I don't know where she originally came from as its more or less a modern home but, she likes to stay in the kitchen by the sink. Nuns are close to God and they seem very strict and cold so, their presence can be frightening.

49. Gunshots-

We hear random gunshots all the time in this city, fireworks and more. A lot of gun violence has gone down in Sacramento and I have been to a lot of homes where somebody was shot to death. I find the gunshots are eerie and a lot of people in the area have reported them as well. Some of them I believe are supernatural but, it happens a lot that I hear them and my neighbors too. Wherever someone was shot to death, their spirit can usually still linger there.

50. Death Beetles-

I seem to spot a lot of beetles in the spiritual realms as they represent protection, time and magic. They can also be portends of demons and demonic activities as well. Beetles such as the scarab from ancient Egypt are known to represent reincarnation, as a solar cycle and ideology. Seeing a beetle is considered lucky- as long as it is the beautiful kind and means you are connecting with a past life or spiritual memory.

51. Vampire Ghost-

Sometimes I can feel vampires touching me and trying to hold me when I am channeling. They feel like people with electric energy and it makes the hair on my neck stand up. There is many different types of vampires and most are considered demonic as they feed on life force, but I believe they can also attune our psychic energy fields as well to subconscious power and knowledge. Because life force can be fed on in other ways besides blood in which the older ones do understand and use their techniques to live forever.

52. Demon Kiss-

Love can be had by the good as well as the evil in the world. Love is defined by many people in several different ways as it unites us in such a way where duplicity is singular and our reflections lie in what our hands touch instead of our sights. When a vampire bites you or feeds of you may become like a succubus or incubus and be filled with the ability to make others desires become clear as like the devil himself would do. Many people have reported succubus and incubus and it can also manifest into a spiritual conception of mortal afflictions and addictions which curse our lives if we are not careful.

53. Time Does Not Exist-

When all the clocks seem to stop a lot, you will know their is a spirit around because they like to drain batteries and use any kind of energy to charge up. Most clocks are built behind glass and with quartz, which is another spiritual conductor that influences us. It seem to be a portal the way it sits and chimes with the movements of the stars and holidays; forever the face of mortality in it's oppressive silence and harsh reminders of age. The basic foundation beneath the principles of love, life and laughter, death and anniversary's, marriages, celebrations and sentences of doom.

54. Balls of Lightning-

Certain weather conditions can cause this type of phenomenon- where the air becomes supercharged with life force. However, it can also be reported at u.f.o. sites, where there are vortexes and by high powers of sky. It's an indicator of cosmic order and rarity- which symbolizes the unnatural forces which also lead us in our evolutions of space and time. People that see supernatural lightning are usually filled yup with emotion and magnetic charges.

55. Blood Swords-

Samurai swords are known to be kept close to each warrior that possessed them. They are wielded by some of the greatest heroes and villans. They are tools which are placed into the hands of the one that could yield them- such as the tale of the sword and stone where the sword would not come out but, for the right person- for example, the sword known as Excalibur, which was possessed by king Arthur- the noble legend himself. Because weapons change history, many are believed to be gifted by the gods themselves as they cause much death and bloodshed. Some even believe that the people the sword kills will have their souls trapped inside the swords.

56. The President of Hell-

There is many different military units that are said to exist in hell. There is even a long lineage of presidents which have commanded Hell by political forces. They have wars and armies in the other realms which exist and they battle just like we do here on Earth. One such demon that is a notable president of Hell is Buer. He appears when the sun is in Sagittarius. They also lead with philosophies and ideologies- like we do here. His forum is for healing, natural medicines and he is drawn as having the head of a lion with 5 goat legs. There are also commanders and other leaders as well. This information was derived starting in the 1600's as people began to realize the spirit world mimicked ours.

57. Through the Walls-

Some ghosts at homes we have investigated can do really incredible things. For example, many of them can float instead of walking and even float right through walls and doors as if they did not even exist. They can come down as well from the ceiling as though it's not even there- which asks the very important question of whose reality is really real and which is not. They can be stopped by portals, amulets, statues or protective prayers however- as those create spiritual barriers.

58. Country Western-

California was very popular during the gold rush days. In Sonora, I used to see all kind of cowboy ghosts and you could find gold mining pans and tools very easily if you went walking around the town in the hills and ground. The gold is what drew them here mostly and the allure of richness drove them mad and some are still looking for something that they couldn't find when they were alive. Sometimes you can hear their cowboy boots and spurs if you visit the historic towns and they walk by you if you talk about them because it raises their spirits from the dead.

59. Haunted Books-

Some books have curses you know. They have spells on them in case someone should try to destroy them or use the knowledge for evil purposes. Books can be haunted and they can hold energy force for a very long time. The magic of the symbols inside each book creates a spirit of existence, which gives life to all it touches- much like a stream of water would. Be careful when handling all books as knowledge is considered to be very sacred and not to be dispersed about wildly.

60. Haunted Artwork-

There's certain art and paintings which are thought to cause death and misfortune such as a painting of a little boy that made history by somehow surviving multiple house fires in different homes. Speculators thought perhaps it was coated in a fireproof material but, it is spine-chilling nonetheless to think of the moments it witnessed in it's eyes. Paintings can change as they can be portals to other dimensions. When a timeline shifts or there is an astral fluxing- you may notice things in a painting that weren't there before. The painting in the movie What Dreams May Come was a spiritual world which one's spirit could live in after death.

61. Unlucky Charm-

There are things that are considered to bring one abundance and fortune- such as a lucky charm. This could be anything from a four leaf clover, to a cross to numerous symbols but, there is also unlucky charms as well or ones that can reverse luck. Such are usually in reverse as well- such as a draining pyramid, upside down cross, star, horseshoe or certain eye symbols which are used in the wrong side or mannerism. This is due to the nature of society which completely looses touch with purpose of symbols over time. An example would be a story a police officer told me where he did a wellness check on a girl. She was dead, she had poisoned herself right beside a painting of a satanic star. Which everything upside down is mostly meant to drain- so the purpose has to be known exactly for all these symbols or there could be death.

62. Creatures from the Moon-

Some have a tendancy to believe that the moon has either been inhabited at one point, or that it will be in the future. There are many moons in the universe, which hover over certain planets. We have one moon on Earth, but many of our animals and dreams are ruled by the moon. Some believe that creatures that used to live on the moon are now here- such as creatures of the water as the moon has always held power over water and the underworld throughout many cultures and ages. Even marijuana is regarded as a moon themed incenses and used in rituals. This leads me to believe that certain plants and or creatures are actually moon born.

63. Haunting Colors-

Something about colors rules over our emotions and daily logic. They control stop lights, signs, air traffic and so much more. Certain angels are thought to dwell in certain dimensions consisting of the wavelengths of temperature and light in universal proportions. Rainbows, which are a full display of Earth's range of color are considered favorable omens and signify fortune and hope. Many superstitions surround colors- such as a red door- which can guard against ghosts. Colors in dreams carry sensations and meaning which can be felt as emotions.

64. Cow Calls-

If you are ever in the dead of the night and you hear cows calling it is an omen from the spirit world. There are many times that I have done rituals outdoors and then was surprised to hear animals out of the blue. Cows are usually sleeping during evening, so if you hear them at this time it is unlucky. It happened to me once and the cows called three times from miles away loudly. The next day, one of my spiders died. I had researched the superstition and it meant that death was coming. However, there are different types of calls and sequences which are said to mean several things.

65. Candle Spells-

If you do any type of magic- it is like a call to the spiritual realms. It is like a moth to flame and the more pure your intentions- than the brighter the flame. Many serious hauntings are started through simple candle spells or other seemingly small instances. But, that is all magic is- intention and belief, which molds the fabrics of space time. There are even known to be ghosts who will try to retaliate for being invoked as a game and set things on fire to teach you a lesson. Similarly, angels can be felt and invoked as messengers of the light.

66. Death Omens-

Many terrible things have happened to people after witnessing strange sightings of paranormal phenomenon. For example, the infamous Bell Witch Haunting was started after the sight of a terrifying dog, which disappeared into the night and then an equally ugly bird that could not be killed. Such things may be indicators of witchcraft made against you. Before horrifying events, there seems to be a pile up of unnatural energy.

67. Get Out of my Head-

A tool that demons use is the ability to literally drive you crazy with overpowering thoughts which are self destructive. People have been driven mad to commit evil acts and even to suicide. This is a common psychological tactic that they use- by wearing your spirit down, they will overpower you and gain your strength. In fact, many serial killers and terrorists were driven to kill by these obsessive visions. Spirit communicates through the senses so it is easy to formulate direction. The Amytiville Horror Story is a questionable one but, in this case demonic oppression such as this is studied closely.

68. Invisible Threads-

Some spiritualists believe that we are all linked together by an invisible thread. The Greeks believed that our fates were woven by ungodly hands- which could pluck them out at any instance. Athena, the goddess of arts and crafts was said to be able to weave together the most beautiful tapestries of all the Gods and Goddesses- which gave her the closest connection to the divine through artists and healers. Invisible threads fall from the sky- sometimes they are found to be spiders and other times they are questionable. I have seen foiled threads fall to the ground and some people even say diamonds and jewels can appear, falling down from Heaven. Is this the Gods, whom are weaving our fates together like the lines on our hands?

69. Haunted Cakes-

During the Halloween season, we like to decorate cakes in spooky ways. Although, some people celebrate death differently. They feel that cake is reserved for the dead and will make some sweet goods- just to feed the spirit world. In Ireland, people make a really big deal about cakes. To foretell the future, a barmbrack bread is made with various objects inside, it is then split and divided and each person will tell their luck through objects such as coins and silverware. An original Irish wedding cake is a rich whiskey-soaked fruitcake frosted with almond paste icing to bring abundance and blessings. Other breads and cakes are braided in Celtic knots, symbols and designs for blessings and beauty.

70. Shakespeare's Ghosts-

Shakespeare was a great poet and writer who is world famous. He wrote many plays which included occult subjects of study; such as love, royalty and even death. In fact, many of his characters were actually turned into ghosts. Hamlet is one of his notable works; which includes an ode to his father in his spiritual form. His father haunts and controls him- even in the afterlife. He appears to him a magical three times in order to write the wrongs for his lost kingdom. According to his father- he must kill another King in order to assert the throne to the bloodlines correctly. The new king is actually Hamlet's uncle and the one who murdered his father. Romeo and Juliet is another story that was written by Shakespeare, in which two people fall in love at the dismay of their feuding families, which results in peace at the end but, the play focuses on the trials and tribulations it takes to get there. It's the trilogy concept on subjection as well- love yourself, love each other or is true love really family??

71. Haunted Jail-

The Johnny Cash trail in Folsom, California is haunted- reports of ghosts and black masses have been sighted. Folsom prison is very close by and it's the one mentioned in the popular song, " Folsom Prison Blues." The trail is widely used and even spawned a new species of black tarantulas, which are named after him as well. Something unnatural definitely haunts this place. I went their myself and saw several spirits and someone had placed tiny stones on each fence post in an unusual way. It is right next to a zoo as well.

72. Haunted Islands-

There are a lot of islands which are protected by supernatural forces. Hawaii is a very notable place which has ranges of creatures that will go to many lengths to keep every piece of the land intact. It is said to be very bad luck to keep volcanic rocks and will curse you if taken. The only way to break the curse is to return the items. The Menehune are mythological dwarf like creatures which inhabit the wilderness. If you go somewhere there is only one highway because it's an island. There are a lot of birds as well, which are sacred companions of the divine eternal.

73. Supernatural Snow-

When it snows in places that it shouldn't be snowing- the first thought that comes to mind for most people is climate change or strange weather patterns. However, certain places can shift locations in time and cause ice storms and odd weathering. That's the measure which we use to gather information of our future in scientific terms. Because weather has always been recorded in the past to signify the end of the world, I believe it may mean a spiritual shifting instead. Fog is known to indicate passages in time where people have reported to walk through into the past and come back. Rain has been known to flood and devastate animal and human populations, while snow represents silence and death of agriculture, fertility or warmth. Snowflakes are wonderful indicators of divine miracles, as each is unique to our eyes. I feel Heaven is like a snowy place and hell can be hot, so the snow is somewhere in another world all together. The story of The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, puts a snowy world into view, that can be accessed from within a closet and indicates eternity in ice form.

74. Death Bats-

Bats have a notorious reputation for dreary situations. They are oftentimes represented as demonic beings- such as vampires, the devil or even death itself. The bat also began the widespread Covid-19 panic as well. Bats are guardians of otherworld's and can be warnings of disease and death- although not the carriers themselves. Unfortunately in many cultures, they are highly misunderstood due to their appearance and many have distaste for what does not have popularity. If a bat flies into your house, it may be an omen of sickness and death or also a symbol of desires and protection.

75. Haunting Fire-

There is a fire that sticks in my mind- it is a haunting fire. This fire is eternal and lives on forever in the souls of all mankind- such as the sun itself would. This fire is in a library, which is filled up with scrolls and ghosts. It crackles on the wood and burns behind glass like a warm desire. A silver man, one like Odin himself, sits there reading the books on the wooden shelves. The books are all finely bound in leathers and silks, some outlined with golden inks and royal dyes. He is the God of poetry and known as the all father and wanderer, as he can put himself into many worlds through his mind. In this way, he has made many ghosts of himself and they are called poems. His two companions are black birds, which are named Thought and Memory. When people tattoo themselves with symbols, black birds also will appear at their death and carry them away to the places described like a map on the flesh.

76. I'm Gone-

Before someone dies- they leave fragments of themselves on us and other people. We think about them like we are still with the person, but they are gone. That is us honoring their spirit from every day life, which holds significance over love and luck. The thoughts can build up until we laugh, cry, shout or remove them piece by piece over time. This is part of spiritual healing and life. But, even though they are gone- they still exist in many ways. When I'm gone is a reminder that we must be grateful and thoughtful of all life in order to lessen suffering and pain. Just listening to spirits can help them to lessen burdens and alleviate pain. A lot of people report crying ghosts, devils, predators and even saints statues because of the essence of this very thought, which is shared in both life and the afterlife.

77. Candy Killers-

Candy is notoriously creepy because of many reasons. One is that when we are kids were taught that pedophiles offer you candy to try and tempt you into their control. In the fairytale Hansel & Gretel, a witch bakes all kinds of sweets trying to lure in children to eat. Candy itself looks sweet but, is actually very fattening and bad for your teeth. On Halloween, candy is given out freely as an offering to children who are dressed as fantasy beings. Candy has been given out with poison and razor blades in order to frighten children from enjoying candy.

78. Stephen King Novels-

Stephen King is a very popular writer who has spawned many ghosts from his books. The stories are so scary that many are adapted into the cinema for representation of the horror collective. His son is also a writer and made a good tv series from his story, "Nos4atu" which was canceled eventually but, was about a man abducting children and his wife is a ghost. His purpose is about turning them into vampires. The shows also create good ghost stories in many dimensional spaces- My favorite Stephen King novel is "Pet Semetary" because it scares me the most. It's about a cemetery where you bury your pet and it comes back to life and instead someone buries a child so, its very creepy and different.

79. Haunted Angels-

Haunted angels- or fallen angels are thought to be demons. Demons, such as the devil are said to have anger with God- so therefore they like to create chaos to try and repel the energy itself from spreading. Satan's ghost is thought to be Lucifer- who was one of the most beautiful bringers of light but, than transformed too many times to be trusted again. Haunted angels get mad when you read the bible or mention Jesus and if they are demonic- they will scratch you, usually in threes to mock the trinity.

80. Romantic Ghosts-

Like when they say the romance is dead- it has created a portal of negative energy which creates a space of nothingness. Some ghosts are brides who died on their wedding days, like a bride in New York who died at 36 while dancing on the dance floor. Others are just an existence of energy there to fill a void and most are fantasies that never came to fruition. So help me God. Sometimes it is because you have angered a love goddess over which something like this might occur, as is thought in ancient Greek mythology and folklore.