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Scary Food Legends

Scary Food Legends
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire
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If anyone was like me you probably had food nightmares before. They usually come from eating sweets or sour foods before bed. There are also food allergies which scare people because it is so easy to die from them. There are a lot of reasons you could be afraid of food, such as traumatizing events, irrational fears or cultural conditioning. Food has very ancient origins.

Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld

Well Persephone is the Greek goddess of the springtime and queen of the underworld as well. She was deceived into eating pomegranate seeds in the afterlife by Hades, who was in love with her- so she never got to unsee that world, where she remains- but returns as a "bringer of light" (light = knowledge), simultaneously, in turn becoming the 'destroyer of death" as well.

She receives the souls of this world and guides them into the next by her wisdom. She has control over Earth & vegetation, soil & dirt. This is because her spirit was born the day that she was picking flowers in a field and was kidnapped by Hades for her beauty & grace. Her mother is Demeter- the goddess of grains, and agriculture- she is said to also be the creator of winter and Hades is accredited with the power of a great golden light- like the sun.

The Olive Tree in Athens Greece

The olive tree represents the Greek goddess Athena, because people were inspired to create a beautiful city in her honor and she liked best the idea of an olive tree and so one was sprouted and grew into an immortal spiritual gift of knowledge and peace to be seen on a hill.

Olive was a very popular fruit of the time and was enjoyed across the regions in various locations. They are so well known now to this day you can easily find them at any grocery store for very inexpensive prices. The legends continue onto our celebration dinners like thanksgiving, where they are served as appetizers.

It's a fun tradition for children to place an olive on each finger and eat them one by one. That is because the luck of their size is that they fit so perfectly in the palm of the hands and on the fingertips. I used to get in trouble for over eating them and loosing my appetite afterwards.

Sugar Curses by Love Goddesses

If you are a particularly cruel person- you may judge people by your eyesight. You may criticize people for acts of love they do through their own selves, expressions which you may not understand or tolerate. If you are a particularly superficial person or mad, for example it may be like weighing food by your eyes. You may use people for personal enjoyments often or maybe you can find the balance of pleasure instead. You may judge by your tounge and you may offend the spirit of love which will try to fix you and heal you in truth, but you may poison yourself with your own eyes, your anger, & your blood will boil as you drink in sugar curses from your own hands that God made you.

Be careful for what you judge by your eyes can destroy your body and mind or build you up. It can be toxic, the choices that we make and they manifest from the simplest desires- which can be compared as well spiritually to food and the way we react and it triggers us can teach us a lot about who we are as well, together and apart. Because a lot can be said about food- but the truth is- our philosophy on food is a part of our spiritual growth, emotional wisdom and personal development.

XX Wish Fire