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Weather Lore

Indian Weather Sayings from Southern Ohio:

When dew is on the grass in the morning, it will not rain during the day.
When dew is not on the grass when darkness has fallen, it will rain before morning.
When birds fly low and silently, a bad storm is coming.
When a dove sits close to the trunk of a sapling during the daytime, a great wind will soon blow.
When the leaves of the maples turn over to show their undersides, thunder and lightning will come soon.
When the blackbirds flock together and start south when late summer is still with us, there will be much snow during the winter.
When the swamp muskrat builds a low house of reeds and mud, the winter will be mild.
The larger and higher the house a muskrat builds, the worse the winter.
When the muskrat builds no house, but burrows beneath the ground, prepare for severe cold for the ponds and small streams will freeze to the bottom and even the Ohio River will freeze so a horse may walk upon it.

Thanks to Amos Hawkins