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Way to get a fairy

First get a broad square crystal or glass, in length and breadth 3 inches: then lay that glass or crystal in the blood of a white hen, 3 wednesdays or 3 fridays, then take it out and wash it with holy water and fumigate it. Then take 3 hazel sticks or wands of a years growth, peel them fair and white and make them so long as you write the spirits or fairies which you call 3 times on every stick, being made flat on one side. Then bury them under some hill, whereas you suppose fairies haunt, the wednesday before you call her and the friday following, take them up and call her at 8, 3 and 10 of the clock, which be good planets and hours, but when you call, be of clean life and turn your face towards the east , and when you have her, bind her to that stone or glass.