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This forum is for English 111 students in the College of Education.

Discuss anything you want, but remember that it is public.

Re: Welcome

Thnx admin 4 hostin us - urs students- in this forum.

is there anyone around wants to discuss on a specific topic? just name it n i'll participate

Re: Welcome

well... no one around to chitchat eh!

Re: Welcome

'fraid not. But you are not unnoticed.

Re: Welcome

it feels nice to b noticed, though ur status(Admin) freaks me, so i'll behave

The only time i remember abt this forum is when i dont get to sleep in the night, u might hav noticed.

so, the topic "how media affects ppl" interested me, most of the syndromes mentioned in it, appear in me, its scary, dont u think so?


I was in the Sultan Center last century (or possibly the one before!) and I saw someone coming towards me and I recognized him. I couldn't remember who he was, but I had to say hello to be polite. He said hello politely, and we passed on without further conversation.

When I got home, I turned on the television (being a media addict). I passed through Kuwait Channel 2, and saw the 'acquaintance' I had just greeted. I 'knew' him as a KTV announcer! Yumma!

Re: Welcome

it seems u get scared by wht u c thru the media, regardless being media addict