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Crisis of Faith

My new story, "A Crisis of Faith" is finally finished. It will now undergo the editing and proofreading process, for which I have no target date for completion. I shall endeavor to make it as fast as possible.

The story is 15 chapters in length. The basic premise is that when Michaela and Sully return from Washington, DC, they experience a painful event which challenges Michaela's faith in every aspect of her life.

Thanks for your patience.

Debby K

Re: Crisis of Faith

Ooooooh, that sounds very mysterious!!!!! Can't wait to start reading!!!! I thank you so much Debby, for still going on with telling the M&S story!!!

Re: Crisis of Faith

Looking forward to reading! I am however aprehensive!

Re: Re: Crisis of Faith

Happy to hear the new storie is finish But a little worry about the challenges Michaela will take.
I hope with the love of Sully everything works out good.
Waiting to read sooooooon
Good luck[

Re: Re: Re: Crisis of Faith

Hello Debby,
We all are looking forward to read your new story !
All the best !

Re: Re: Re: Re: Crisis of Faith

Whoo hoo!! New story on the way!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Crisis of Faith

I can't wait to read it! Even though there may be something painful to work through, I know that M&S will work through it together, just like they always do and that their marriage and family will only get stronger. Thanks for keeping your pen in action. We all appreciate it! I hope the editing goes smoothly.