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Re: Chapter 5

Marion, I smiled at your comments. People in the medical profession make the worst patients. AND, it helps to build the suspense and suspicion of what could be wrong with her if she avoids having a doctor check her.

Debby K

Re: Re: Chapter 5

And you are so good at suspense and suspicion. LOL

Re: Re: Re: Chapter 5

As much as I love Josef that kid needs to be tied to a chair!! I waited the entire chapter for Michaela to finally talk to Sully and he has to go and interrupt them!! I wonder what Sully's going to say when Michaela tells him her suspicions.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Chapter 5

Kids don't always have the best timing. You know Michaela. It takes her a while to confess what she fears, especially where insecurities and physical well-being are concerned.

Debby K