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Chapter 9

I hope I don't trample on the other readers' nerves that I'm always first here .
I love how both, Michaela and Sully think the same without knowing it . (You know, I stay only calm because you said Michaela will tell him in this chapter, but I need all my willpower so I don't make any angry sounds... ) She told him !!!! Yay!!! LOL. - that's what Jake is! Stupid man!! But Theresa doesn't sound much better.
I have to admit that I'm more concerned about Michaela than ever. These fainting spells worry me. I have this sinking feeling that this is not about a simple pregnancy - if she is pregnant at all!! Waiting patiently ( )for tomorrow's chapter.
(Thanks for showing me all the emoticons !!

Re: Chapter 9

You know, don't you, that telling Sully isn't enough we need to know what is wrong with her and how she gets better to be satisfied.

Re: Re: Chapter 9

In due time, Lynn.


Re: Chapter 9

More suspense to come. Get ready. You may need some
Oh, and I think I have unleashed a by letting you know where to find those emoticons.
Debby K

Re: Re: Chapter 9

Please take her to the hospital Sully and let's resolve this once and for all! I think the readers are even more anxious than Mike and Sully to see if she is pregnant!

Re: Re: Re: Chapter 9

Just when you think the suspense will be over....
Debby K

Re: Re: Re: Re: Chapter 9

You guys crack me up, you're all so crazy! Poor, Michaela, I think she's spending half of this story on the ground! I was about ready to hit Jake myself! All this suspension is killing me and I know it's probably going to get worse! Thank god we're in the same time zone, because I get up early, read the chapter, then go back to bed! Can't wait till tomorrow!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Chapter 9

LOL at Michaela spending 1/2 of this story on the ground.
Debby K