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DQ Megaset Contest-Message From A&E

I just received this information from A&E regarding the DQ Megaset:

Wanted to pass along some info on a new Dr. Quinn contest for the upcoming Mega-set. It's being hosted at the A&E Home Video Facebook page (just launched today).

If you could add a note to your forums or news, we'd much appreciate it! The A&E page will be hosting new contests and giveaways every week, so please come and join at the URL below!

The link is also on my main page.

All the best,

Debby K

Re: DQ Megaset Contest-Message From A&E

Thank you

Re: Re: DQ Megaset Contest-Message From A&E

Hi Debby,
thank you for posting the link, but unfortunately people who don't live in the States or Canada can't participate .