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Re: Re: Re: Discussion Question

Hey, Debby.
First, I'd like to congratulate you for the quality of your fanfictions. They are among my favorites, and I still keep an eye on your website for a new one, even though I lost some of my enthusiasm for DQ FF as time's gone by.
I started watching DQ because I have a strong interest in medicine, then I kept coming back for more because of the romance between M&S, and because Mike became some kind of role model during my teenage years.
One of the main reasons I no longer read every DQ fanfic that comes up, is that I found "my" Sully, so I no longer need to dream about love... the other one, is the same reason as why I no longer watch DQ reruns and watch House M.D or ER instead: there's not enough medical challenges for my taste.
To me, the "Perfect" DQ fanfic would be the one who deals with a strong medical puzzle, or challenge, that takes into consideration historic and social contexts, while displaying a few glimpses of its impact on Mike and Sully's life.
Well, I hope that little speech gives you another "inspiring" POV.
Take care, Debby, keep up the great work!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Discussion Question

AG, thanks for your post. First let me congratulate you on finding your very own Sully.

Second, I appreciate your observations about a medical mystery. I sort of did a story line about that with Myra's illness and Michaela's use of colloidal silver. If I come across something in my historic research that lends itself to DQ FF, I shall try to incorporate it into the story.

I appreciate your visits to my site and hope you continue to check it out.

All the best,
Debby K