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Re: Re: Re: Discussion Question

Happy New Year Debby:
Like Marion wrote If Michaela and Sully are not the main characters in the story I don't read it. And about your question what I like about them is the love so different, strong and special that they have.Also their romance time when he recite poems to her and how you describe their lovetime.
I like when the children are part of your stories.
And I can't see you writing about M&S in modern time that won't be you. I love your stories because I have learn alot in them about the Indians,the National Parks and all the important people from that time. Please don't stop writing. Rosie

Re: Re: Re: Re: Discussion Question

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rosie. I'm glad you took the time to let us know what you find appealing in the fan fiction stories.
All the best for a Happy New Year.
Debby K

Re: Re: Discussion Question

Lynn, thanks for detailing what you like and do not like in DQ fan fiction. I am in agreement with not liking stories that focus on Colleen and Andrew, but I do occasionally use them in my stories for plot purposes. At the moment, they're sort of in limbo. In fact, Michaela and Colleen discuss that very fact in my new story.

I also agree about stories that have M or S married to someone else. Only a few times have I tried to offer insight into Sully's relationship with Abigail, and it was to contrast how much deeper his feelings are for Michaela. It's just a matter of taste and not meant as a criticism of any fan fiction that does have them separated and working their way to each other.

The favorite of mine that you mentioned was "The Cave," and I'm glad that you found it to be a powerful one. It is an awesome feeling to wonder what message we would write to our loved ones if we thought we would never see them again.

As for Preston, I love to use him for comic relief and as an antagonist to Sully. I depict him as obsessed with Michaela (again, a bit of that in the new story), but everyone knows he doesn't stand a snowball's chance with her. I thought the DQ episode of "Dead or Alive" was such a compelling one in showing a more complex Preston.

I am in agreement, though, that M&S should always be the center of the story. I've never thought about writing them in the present, I guess because I love history so much. My family and friends often tell me I live in the past. It's a challenge to see how I can work M&S into the big events of their era.

I appreciate your thoughts.

All the best,
Debby K

Re: Re: Re: Discussion Question

Hey, Debby.
First, I'd like to congratulate you for the quality of your fanfictions. They are among my favorites, and I still keep an eye on your website for a new one, even though I lost some of my enthusiasm for DQ FF as time's gone by.
I started watching DQ because I have a strong interest in medicine, then I kept coming back for more because of the romance between M&S, and because Mike became some kind of role model during my teenage years.
One of the main reasons I no longer read every DQ fanfic that comes up, is that I found "my" Sully, so I no longer need to dream about love... the other one, is the same reason as why I no longer watch DQ reruns and watch House M.D or ER instead: there's not enough medical challenges for my taste.
To me, the "Perfect" DQ fanfic would be the one who deals with a strong medical puzzle, or challenge, that takes into consideration historic and social contexts, while displaying a few glimpses of its impact on Mike and Sully's life.
Well, I hope that little speech gives you another "inspiring" POV.
Take care, Debby, keep up the great work!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Discussion Question

AG, thanks for your post. First let me congratulate you on finding your very own Sully.

Second, I appreciate your observations about a medical mystery. I sort of did a story line about that with Myra's illness and Michaela's use of colloidal silver. If I come across something in my historic research that lends itself to DQ FF, I shall try to incorporate it into the story.

I appreciate your visits to my site and hope you continue to check it out.

All the best,
Debby K