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Re: Questions

Very interesting survey, Debby - I'll reply the best way I can.

1/ Will it surprise you if my answer is "YES" ? Usually, I go to your home page and then directly to the forum, because that's where you're announcing the status of your next story...
2/ When I first discovered your site, must have been sometime in 2001, this was when I started to collect Quinnfic. For me, "collect" means copy-paste each story and save it forever onto local media so as to read it again off-line whenever I want. So (see my reply to 3/)
3/ I am now jobless so I cannot afford to actually print any fanfics anymore. But until mid-2004 I have printed EVERY Quinnfic ever published, and this of course includes all your stuff published until that date. So I have most of your saga nicely printed, binded and ready to be accessed whenever I wish. After a first "scattered" (though in chronological order) reading while I was discovering and printing your stuff, I have already re-read your complete saga twice, which makes three thorough readings in all. Note that ALL my readings are off-line, so if you want to have a more accurate number of my "visits, you should make this multiplication : "visitors number + (72*2)"
4/ Not especially, but (for reasons mentioned in § 1) I visit your site about twice a month, so I do appreciate your new artwork whenever there is one.
5/ I also have made random visits of your site now and then, for various reasons so as to reply to fan questions "looking for a particular story in which this and that happens" (then, your Summaries page is a must), to copy-paste poetry quotes (I have a special file which compiles them all!) or for more "technical reasons" such as to verify my Quinnfic database vs. your listings.

Cheers and Debby!

Re: Re: Questions

Thanks for your detailed responses to my survey questions. I appreciate your taking the time to answer them.
All the best,
Debby K

Re: Questions

Hey Debby!
Like Sylvie said, interesting survey indeed.
1. I check about once a week, or to the very least once a month, to see if there's any progress in your writing, and when you're posting, I of course stop by every day, unless for some reason I can't get access to the Web.
2. sometimes, like today, I come because I want to re-read one of your stories, one I don't remember well, or an old favorite.
3.I unfortunately don't have the time to re-read the entire saga from the beginning right now, but I plan to do it someday, like when I'm heavily pregnant and unable to move more than a finger . It sure will provide me with hours of entertainment!
4. Hem... I'm not coming for the pictures... but your site would lose a lot without them

Well, hope that helped.

Re: Re: Questions

Thanks, A.G.
I appreciate your posting. By the way, I have just started chapter 16 of thenew story.
All the best,
Debby K

Re: Re: Re: Questions

Hi Debby:I'm happy to read that you are on chapter 16 on your new story.About your questions.1.Any time that I have the chance to use the computer I check your webside and check the forum to see how is going the new story.2.Depending in the mood Iam I read your stories again,I like to read them since the birth of Joey.But I don't read them from the beginning.The first time that I find you in internet I star reading the story "Making peace" and I love it and when I discover your other storys I read them from the first one to the last one and I love them all.I do have my favorite ones and the ones that I like I have made copys of them,and I take them sometimes to my work to re-read them again.I also check your pictures I love the one that you have now. I also like to read the coments of the other fans. I can say that any time that I'm using the computer I check your webside.
I also I like your storys because of how much I have learn from them and reading them is just like if I'm watching the tv series again.
Please don't take away the pictures. I hope this answer your questions.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Questions

Yes, Rosie, you have answered the questions quite well, and I appreciate it.
As of last night, I'm on chapter 17.
All the best,
Debby K

Re: Questions

I always check back to see about a new story! When it has been a very, very long time since you started a new story, I will re-read other stories. (ahem..)
Really ready for a new story Debby!!
Thanks for all the hard work!

Re: Re: Questions

Thanks, Brittany. I have a message posted about it above.

Debby K