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Re: Re: Re: Update

Now I'm even more impatient to read!!!!

Re: Re: Re: Update

Yay I can't wait!! And reading more about the storyline has me even more intruged!!!! Sully will be away ... tragedy at the hospitale and a stranger likes Michaela... You know how to keep us hanging!

Ok waiting patiently

Re: Re: Re: Re: Update

Here's a preview of what to look for in the new story:

Debby K

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Update

Oops I posted my reply in the wrong section....
Well it didn't belong with the questions but here....sorry.

copiëd it....
Worried about the first few ... wondering about the long as it's a nice one, it's ok . A party is always fun. But the ones who follow to that got me confused What did you do?!?
The heart, white horseand house are alright, I hope*fingers crossed* (will sully swipe her of her feet )The train he's leaving.
Still trying to figure out what the next are.. lol And the last part, well what can I say about that

Ok I really can't wait