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Reader Requests

I thought I would try something with the new story I am writing (the one which will come AFTER "Gunfight")
The basic premise is that Michaela and Sully are alone for a weekend. The children are staying in town with Bridget, Matthew and Emma. Thanksgiving is approaching.
Michaela's goal is to thoroughly clean the children's rooms with Sully's help. As they begin their task, they find something about each child which triggers a memory about him/her.
SO, I am asking the readers to tell me something about each child, about whom you would like to know more. It could be something about the day each was born which was not previously written, or something about their personalities about which you would like to see further developed.
If you're a parent, you know that when you clean a child's room, you learn something about them or are reminded of something.
I don't know if this will be a good premise, but I thought I'd give it a try.
So, please let me know what you would like to learn more about each child. To refresh your memories of the day they were born, check out:
Katie-"When a Child is Born" (the DQ series-season 4)
Joseph-"A Cherished Reminder"
Annie and Noah-"Guardian of My Heart"
Hope-"A Glimmer of Hope"
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
Debby K

Re: Reader Requests

I will think about more questions but one immediately entered my mind: How did Joseph become such a big pickles fan??? I would love to know that.

Re: Re: Reader Requests

Good question, Marion.

Debby K

Re: Reader Requests

Hello Debby,

Very interesting question.
It was very mysterious how Joseph had contact with his granddaddy who passed away even before when he was born. I remember the scenes when M. had his old desk brought in the house, and young Joseph sat under it to call his granddaddy. His ghost appeared to him, and have conversations with him although J. had never seen him alive...

In this story perhaps you could give your readers a gimpse on what the children eventually will become later, when they will be grown up... I mean what their interests and their secrets dreams are.

All the best !

Re: Re: Reader Requests

Hi, Christina. The idea of showing the children grown up is very intriguing. Thanks for that suggestion.

As for Josef, we can assume that he has seen photographs of his grandfather from which he would get the "image."

All the best,
Debby K

Re: Re: Re: Reader Requests

Great idea!! I will think of it and when something will pop in my head I'll let you know.

Oh there is one thing, I love how kids pronounce things different. Maybe they can find things like that. Like 'swirl' Katies doll.
Great question about the "pockles" lol pickles

My girl(almost2) says "Sully" instead of sorry. (and no I had nothing to do with it )

Re: Re: Re: Re: Reader Requests

Hi, Mirëille. Thanks for the suggestion.
All the best,
Debby K

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Reader Requests

Worried about the first few ... wondering about the long as it's a nice one, it's ok . A party is always fun. But the ones who follow to that got me confused What did you do?!?
The heart, white horseand house are alright, I hope*fingers crossed* (will sully swipe her of her feet )The train he's leaving.
Still trying to figure out what the next are.. lol And the last part, well what can I say about that

Ok I really can't wait