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Re: Re: Re: Reader Requests

Great idea!! I will think of it and when something will pop in my head I'll let you know.

Oh there is one thing, I love how kids pronounce things different. Maybe they can find things like that. Like 'swirl' Katies doll.
Great question about the "pockles" lol pickles

My girl(almost2) says "Sully" instead of sorry. (and no I had nothing to do with it )

Re: Re: Re: Re: Reader Requests

Hi, Mirëille. Thanks for the suggestion.
All the best,
Debby K

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Reader Requests

Worried about the first few ... wondering about the long as it's a nice one, it's ok . A party is always fun. But the ones who follow to that got me confused What did you do?!?
The heart, white horseand house are alright, I hope*fingers crossed* (will sully swipe her of her feet )The train he's leaving.
Still trying to figure out what the next are.. lol And the last part, well what can I say about that

Ok I really can't wait