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Re: Re: Gunfight Begins March 31, 2009

Hi, Marion.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on chapter 1. I'm grateful for the feedback.
Debby K

Re: Re: Re: Gunfight Begins March 31, 2009

Oh Debby, what a great start!!!! I can't tell you how I have missed your stories! I am captured by it from the first second i read it!!!
As Marion, I am at the edge of my seat already!!! I hope Michaela will be alright with the help of Sully (her wonderful I hope that Sully is okay and not hurt or anything. I feel with Hank. I hope he will realize that Lexie needs him right now and stay with her through it all!!!

You know, I just realized, I never really commented on your stories before...well, not that much anyway...and I am really sorry about that!!!! I really love very single one of them and this one will be no different!!!
Thanks again, you will hear from me again


Re: Re: Re: Re: Gunfight Begins March 31, 2009

I'm grateful that you shared your thoughts on chapter 1, Tina.
Thanks for posting.
All the best,
Debby K