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First chapter

Hi Debby:I just finish to read Obsession for the second time when I saw that you post the first chapter
of your new story. I like alot the begining, I'm glad Michaela and Sully still have a love life.
What I have read from the other comments,when something bad happens we always think Sully is involved.
Poor Sully he has a reputation I'm also at the end of my chair waiting to see what happen???I will turn on the computer tomorrow at 8am before I go to work to see if you post something already.And I'm real happy to read that you are already thinking in another story after this one. WOW!!!

Re: First chapter

Thanks, Rosie. I'm glad you enjoyed chapter 1. Yes, Sully does have a reputation for getting hurt and even dying a few times.
I hope you like the rest of the story as it progresses, and I appreciate hearing from you.
All the best,
Debby K