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two chapters!!

Yay two chapters for me to read!!
I love their morning encounters .
I’m curious about the costume too .
Hopefully Michaela and Sully(if he isn’t gone) will attend the Halloween party.
Will Hank ever accept that his little girl is deaf… .

Phew luckily Sully was not involved in the shooting. Why, why is he leaving again…
Very happy Michaela went to the hospital, maybe this was what she needed to get back to her old self.
The brothers will be trouble, I bet.
Can’t wait to read more.

Re: two chapters!!

Thanks for posting your thoughts, Mirëille. Why is Sully leaving? Part of the plot.
Hang in there. More adventures will follow.
Debby K

Re: Re: two chapters!!

Don't like it when he leaves *sigh* but I'm sure you have a good plan