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Re: Chapter 3

Thanks, Tina. It's nice to know that my effort to give each of the children distinctive personalities is coming through.
I appreciate hearing from you.
All the best,
Debby K

Re: Re: Chapter 3

Debby I love this chapter Beautifull, Kathy is growing so fast she is almost like Brian when M&S got married.She looks so much like her ma,but with Sully personality,and Joe I like him alot he is so curios about things,and Noah I think M&S will have more problems with him that what they used to have with Joey I wonder how Joey and Noah will take Sully leaving again Grat chapter,looking forward for tomorrows chapter.

Re: Re: Re: Chapter 3

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rosie. I think you will be "enthusiastic" about tomorrow's chapter.
All the best.
Debby K