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Chapter 4

I had a few extramoments on line to comment here in Mexico. You sure know how to make me mad. I hate Sully putting CD first over his family and leaving again especially with what his son said last night. Where he is heading is a very dangerous town. Why is Katie being teased now she has been there for a long timewith no problems? Preston really thinks he can fufill Michaela's needs, he lives in his own world. I love how wolf protects her.

Re: Chapter 4

....Okay...Bucket and mop warning!!!!! Gee, great, hot scene!!!! Phew...still a bit hot here..LOL..
WHY, why, why???? Now Sully is gone...*BIG SIGH*....I know this is important for Sully but still...don't like it at all...*another huge SIGH*...

Poor Katie!!!!but I love that her brother is by her side....they are so cute together!!!....and I hope Noah will be alright too...we didn't see how Sully said goodbye to his kids...So i hope they handled it well...well, kinda anyway...
Be ready for a big adventure in Tombstone, Mr. Sully! And don't get into trouble with the Apache!!!!!!!!
Michaela, take care of yourself with Preston! What is he planning? Wolf, never leave her side!!! Bite Preston in is..ahem..***...

Great Chapter, Debby!!!! Can't wait for more!!! Friday, please be over soon!!!!! I need the next chapter!!

Re: Re: Chapter 4

LOL, Tina.
The stage is now set for the main plot lines, with a few surprises awaiting our favorite couple.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Chapter 4.
All the best,
Debby K

Re: Chapter 4

Why is Sully leaving to go to such a dangerous town? So I can work a bit of history into the plot.
Katie being teased is part of what kids often go through as they "mature." I wanted to explore how her parents and she would handle such a circumstance.
Preston has only just begun!
Thanks for your comments, Lynn.
Debby K