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Re: Re: Chapter 6

I appreciate your post, Marion. Interesting thought that Hazen could very well have been based on Tiffany, but there were many other corrupt Indian Agents who were in that same category.
Also interesting speculation about what voice Michaela is hearing.
I think it takes everything Michaela has to not speak to Myra and Horace or even Mabel's mother about how they are treating Katie. It's a tough call when you want to see your child handle difficult situations but do not want to sit by and let her be hurt in the process.
Good to hear from you.
Debby K

Re: Chapter 6

I have a feeling Hope wasn't seeing the same thing Michaela was.
Thanks for your comments, Lynn.

Debby K

Re: Re: Chapter 6

Hi Debby I like alot this chapter and I also can believed that this was chapter 6. I like that the kids are more on your stories, ofcourse they are growing. I also hope Sully is on time for halloween. Maybe the voice she hear was her sister Majorie???
Waiting for tomorrow chapter

Re: Re: Re: Chapter 6

Thanks for your remarks, Rosie. I enjoy writing the children and imagining what their distinctive personalities would be like.
Intresting speculation on who Michaela is hearing.
Debby K

Re: Re: Re: Re: Chapter 6

Hello Debby,

Ik thought it is maybe that ghost of the sister who is shot, that spoke to Michaela ? Wasn't she the nun that was mad at Michaela for having that abortion in your other storie ? She accused Sully and Michaela for murdering their baby or so ?

Looking forward to chapter 7.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Chapter 6

Loved that chapter!!! I have a guess as well who the voice could be. Michaela's mother. I just think, maybe beacuse she wanted Michaela to have the hospital, she wanna make sure now she really goes back to it or slt. I am very curious if I am right or someone else here who guessed.

Nice dream indeed

I hope Sully will be able to make a difference. It is sad to see that even after such a short time, the native american basically lost everything they once had. And now Sully is on his way to Tombstone...uh oh....
Michaela handled the situation with Katie very well. I hope she will keep her promise and not interfere. I wanna see how Katie will handle it!

I hope Preston finally gets what he deserves!!! He got away with everything for far to loooong now!

I am also happy about Isle, Lexie and Hank and I am glad Lexie didn't leave!!

Looking forward to today!!! New Chapter!!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Chapter 6

Thanks for posting your comments about chapter 6, Tina. You (and Michaela) will find out who the "ghost" is in chapter 7.
I appreciate your feedback.
Debby K

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Chapter 6

Thanks for your thoughts, Christina. Chapter 7 will reveal the answer.
Debby K