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Re: Chapter 7

Hi, Lynn. Sully manages to get himself in the middle of history, doesn't he?
Thanks for posting.
Debby K

Re: Chapter 7

I always thought the episode of DQ when they forbade wearing guns in town a bit unbelievable... and now I learn that towns actually did that!! Thanks for putting it into your story .
Oh my, why am I so sure that Sully won't listen??? I hope he won't get hurt!!!!!!!
It would be great if Colleen found a man she could be happy with. Actually I admire her for being consequent and not giving in to Andrew or Luis and wanting more.
I wonder why Michaela is seeing that ghost - is it still about the baby????
Great chapter again, Debby! I'm looking forward to tomorrow .

Re: Re: Chapter 7

You are really doing it!!! Sully and the O.K Corral!!! OMG!!!! I so hope, he will stay out of it!!! Watching it from a distance or something!!! Please, don't let him get hurt!!!

So, I guess I was wrong about the ghost. Not Elizabeth. I am really curious what ya plan with her and Michaela!
I hope Colleen will find what she is looking for. Michaela's words remind me of my mom's and friends. The right guy is out there and I hope Colleen will eventually be happy in her private life as well and not just satisfied about beeing a doc! Wise words, Debby!!!

Looking forward to more!

Re: Re: Re: Chapter 7

Thanks for sharing your comments, Tina. Now, you know I could not have such a big event in history go by without putting Sully right in the thick of things.
Debby K

Re: Re: Chapter 7

Thanks for sharing your remarks about Chapter 7, Marion. In real life, Colorado Springs also had such an ordinance, too. We'll see what unfolds for Sully and Michaela.

Debby K

Re: Chapter 7

Sorry for the late reply. But I’m still reading
I hate it when Sully is away from his family . Luckily they have this special connection and can visit each other in their dreams!
I feel sorry for Katie , good thing she felt her father too. Hopefully it will work out between her and Sam.
Hoping nothing will happen to Sully . And what is happening with this ghost Michaela is hearing… . Hope you don’t mind if I don’t reply daily but there is this thing called life and work that keeps me occupied.
Greetings Mirëille

Re: Re: Chapter 7

Hi, Mirëille.
Thanks for leaving your comments when ever you have the opportunity. I appreciate your comments.
All the best,
Debby K