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Re: Debby: we haven't forgotten you - but we do MISS you

Thank you for the cross-reference, Sylvie. I am truly moved by the many people who have contacted me on my message board or in private regarding my decision. Now, with the added comments on the DQ Forum, it further fills me with appreciation for how my stories were received over the years.

In many ways, it's like retiring from one's job. You forget what it meant to you when you first started until you see an old photograph or hear from people who remember you way back when you began.

With DQ being shown on the Gospel Music Channel four times a day, I believe more people will discover what a quality program it was. Perhaps they will even visit my stories and other fan fiction out there.

I think that Michaela and Sully have said many times that as long as we remember in our hearts, nothing truly leaves us.

All the best,
Debby K