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Re: First story

Hi, Wendy.

Wow, that's an interesting question. I had to do a little research to figure this out.

I wrote my first story "How Do I Love Thee?" right after the episode "Homecoming" aired on December 20, 1997. (It was actually during a two month hiatus when DQ did not air on CBS from Christmas until after the winter Olympics of 1998). HDILT was 30 chapters, and it was posted on the DQMW List from the end of December 1997 through January 24, 1998.

I think that I posted my second story on the DQMW List before DQ returned. Most likely, it came in mid-February.

DQ returned from hiatus on February 28, 1998 with "Point Blank."

My third story, "The Naturalist" makes reference to Michaela's being shot, so it would have come after "Point Blank."

Joe cut his hair in April of 1998 (the last DQ episode had already been filmed by then), and I made reference to the short hair in my fourth story "Vigilante." The story also refers to Jake's marriage and M&S wanting another baby. So I probably posted "Vigilante" on the DQMW List after "To Have and To Hold" aired.

My fifth story, "A Bad Dream" was meant as a satire for the CBS cancellation of DQ. My references to The Nielsen Brothers (aka the Nielsen ratings that CBS used to say DQ did not deserve renewal) Les (Moonves-President of CBS Entertainment), Mel (Karmazin-head of CBS) and Michael (Jordan-a rival of Karmazin within CBS).

Several of the quotes came from Moonves and Karmazin remarks about DQ's cancellation: "there ain't nothin' worse than an ol' man.... 'cept fer an ol' WOMAN!" (reference to their insult that DQ's audience was "too old, too rural and too female;" "they're doomed t' fail" (what they said about the Internet campaign to save DQ); "welcome home an' then... Bye, bye." (reference to the CBS advertising motto that season, but bye bye to DQ); "We don't make any money with these storekeepers who're over 55, 'specially out in the countryside.'" (again referring to DQs rural audience and how CBS claimed to not make any money on the series); "Loren's hurt, they hate old folks..." (DQ audience average age).

I'll stop with the quotes, but almost everything the Nielsen Brothers say is a reference to the CBS leadership comments.

In conclusion, I would place my story "A Bad Dream" after "A New Beginning," which aired on May 16, 1998. DQ was canceled a few days later. I probably posted "A Bad Dream" on the DQMW List in June of 1998.

Hope this helps.
All the best,
Debby K

Re: First story

I'm amazed at all the trouble and thought you took over the cancellation ... conversations even add your own story ... that's very smart on your part.
I am amazed at all the trouble and thought you took over the cancellation ... conversations even add your own story ... that's very smart on your part.

I started to reread your stories, this time without my translator (I'm from Spain) you have been my best help for me to learn English. Never had motivated me to learn anything ... but if I wanted to know what you were writing ... had to make the effort .. Now I can chat with friends in english hun only bad thing is I know the words but not their pronunciation. lol

Take care.

All the best!!!

Take care of yourself!

Re: First story

Wow, Debby, I'm going to have to print all this out to keep track of it! Amazing how much you can remember about stuff that happened over 10 years ago. Thanks for all this info. It'll be a big help.