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Cancellation by Les Moonves

Hi Debby: I am the former stunt coordinator of Dr.Quinn I coordinated all the action sequences including the pilot for the series.
I was fortunate because the Prodcucer Beth Sullivan & the Production Mag. John Liberti are the best of best of the best. My former wife Cindy Folkerson was also the stunt double for Jane.
I am very proud of that TV series & all the work everyone did to make it the superb TV series that it was. Teh reason I found your WEB site is because I was writing an email to a friend regarding Les Moonves the head of CBS. I will refrain formn making my thoiughts public but I will say only this, Dr. Quinn was a cash cow for CBS & aired in 93 countries when it was cancelled by Moonvis it was at it's peak on all ratings.Jell Seganski the former head of TV proid. for CBS was the person who really loved our show he was the pewrson responsible for picking the series for CBS, His favorite episode was "The Race", in which my wife at the time Cindy doubled Jane
Cheers,jeff ramsey

Re: Cancellation by Les Moonves

Hi, Jeff.

I'm honored that you would stop by my web site and leave a message. I'm happy that you added to the thoughts which fans have about Les.

Your stunt work on Dr. Quinn was fantastic. You have left a wonderful legacy.

All the best,
Debby K