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This is a forum in which to discuss the fan fiction stories found on Debby K's site. You are invited to talk about previous stories or new ones.

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Just letting you know, your WEB is still being checked. I do it almost every morning. This way, if we are fortunate enough to be surprised, with a new story, we will know it. Spring in Georgia has been beautiful this year, I hope so for you as well. Debby, we miss you.

Re: checking

Hi, Doris. Happy Spring!

Periodically, I work on a new story which I've had plotted out for some time. One day, I'll finish, but there is no telling when that might happen.

Thanks for checking in, and I hope you will continue to visit.

All the best.
Debby K

Re: checking

Hola Debby: Hope your doing fine and your family too.
It has been a long time since I come here to check how are you doing. sorry no computer. but now you will see me around.
I was very Happy when I read you might have a story under your sleeve ,Well when ever your ready, I will be here waiting, and rereading your other stories.
How can I see your pictures from the last months? Since Feb?

Well enjoy life, and be happy.

Take care

Re: checking

Hi, Rosie.

Thanks for checking in. I'm glad that you have a computer again and can revisit my stories.

You can see last month's picture here:

All the best,
Debby K