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Dr. Quinn Marathon

WHAT: The Stars in Your Eyes marathon. These are all episodes of Dr. Quinn
with guest stars.

WHO: Guest stars on Dr. Quinn include Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, his wife June
Carter Cash, Barbara Mandrell, Kenny Rogers and Travis Tritt - all well known
country music artists. Other guest stars are Dorian Harewood, Jane Wyman, John
Schneider, David Carradine and David Ogden Stiers.

WHEN: Saturday, August 7th from 3 pm to 3 am ET.

Here's the actual schedule starting at 3pm ET:

Buffalo Soldiers (Dorian Harewood)

The Visitor (Jane Wyman)

Cowboy's Lullaby (John Schneider)

Portraits (Kenny Rogers)

Law of the Land (Johnny Cash/June Cash)

Saving Souls (Johnny Cash/June Cash)

Tin Star (Travis Tritt)

All that Glitters (Barbara Mandrell)

Legend (Willie Nelson)

Farewell Appearance (David Ogden Stiers)

Hostage (James Keach; David Carradine)

Law of the Land (Johnny Cash/June Cash) - repeat

Re: Dr. Quinn Marathon

GMC is advertising that there will be another DWMW marathon next weekend that will include all of the Double episodes.