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GMC Airings of Dr. Quinn

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving. Remember tomorrow GMC is airing a DQ marathon beginning at 8 AM ET thru midnight. From 7:00 PM-midnight, they'll be showing the two DQ movies.

And on Monday, November 29, besides their regular 5 hours of DQ program, GMC will be rerunning "Quinn on Cash," the half hour program of Johnny and June music videos interspersed with Jane and Joe memories of the Cashes. It will be shown at 11:00 AM ET.

Also, for those of you on Dish, GMC has this message:

"We continue to have discussions with Dish Network, so we are cautiously optimistic. We'd appreciate it if you would contact Dish to let them know you'd like gmc added to their lineup. You can use our toll free line 1-877-446-7735. Thanks!!!"

Debby K