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DQ Christmas Episodes

On Sunday, December 4, GMC will air four Dr. Quinn Christmas episodes:

3:00PM Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: Mike's Dream: A Christmas Tale - Mike, mired in a Christmas Eve career/identity crisis, is visited by a friendly angel - the Cooper kids' deceased mom, Charlotte (Diane Ladd).

4:00PM Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: The First Christmas - Mike intervenes on the behalf of a Jewish peddler family that arrives in town and is met with prejudice and harassment from townsfolk. Also, Matthew masquerades as Santa Claus for Brian. Guest star: Trisha Yearwood.

5:00PM Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: Fifi's First Christmas - Brian's Grandmother sends him a poodle for Christmas, hoping to cheer him up. When a new girl moves to town, Brian starts wanting to be treated more grown-up. When the girl gets lost, Brian proves his maturity.

6:00PM Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: Season of Miracles - The Reverend loses his sight before Christmas. Brian questions his own faith, when the Reverend's sight is not restored.

Re: DQ Christmas Episodes

Correction: Sunday, December 5