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Chapter 3

I loved Robert E. and Grace's banter, and I hope she will be able to manage everything.
As to Noah: this little boy comes very much after his older brother and it is funny to see Joe's reaction to him.
I'm glad Michaela finally told Sully about her feelings and shared her dream - now I wonder how Sully will react to Michaela's revealing that she saw his first wife and daughter...
(And I also love that there is a possibility of more stories !!)

Re: Chapter 3

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Chapter 3, Marion. This story creates a transition for the whole family and will set up potential story lines for several characters.

I'm not sure if a year off has rejuvenated me enough to keep writing, but I wanted to have many options to pursue just in case after this story ends.

There were some aspects of writing which I began to miss. I think all of the excitement over "Perfectly Prudence" stirred it inside of me.

As always, I appreciate your feedback.
Debby K

Re: Chapter 4

OH! Debby This chapter was very powerfull,the way Michaela & Sully talk about their feelings, their guilts,I do Hope Sully strart forgiven himself.

I love the way the kids joke each other,and teas Kathy ,that was very sweet.
I love your story alot, I'm preatty sure something is going to happen with Brian friend but I hope is something good.
The Sully family has suffer alot this year that I hope they have a good Christmas.
Thanks again for this wonderfull 4 chapters

Re: Chapter 4

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about chapter 4, Rosie. You will learn more about Dell's involvement with the family as the story progresses.
I appreciate hearing from you.

Debby K

Re: Chapter 3

I'm very thankful for the hope you give us, Debby. Seeing Perfectly Prudence did something similiar to me. Although Jane and Joe didn't wear the Dr. Quinn costumes they still had this way to look at each other - almost 20 years later. That sure can keep your imagination running.
Oh, and I think I can understand what you say about missing something that writing can give you - although I'm still a novice in comparison to you ;).

Re: Chapter 3

Jane and Joe still have that magic, even in a modern work.

I hope everyone who has not already done so contacts Hallmark Channel to request a sequel with our favorite duo. The information is on my main page.

Let Hallmark know how special they are.

Marion, I continue to enjoy your writing, and I do not consider you a novice at it.

Debby K