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Chapter 4

The Sully men sure are a handful! You just have to love them :). I'm so glad you gave them back to us, Debby!!
I hope Brian and Dell will arrive in time... Looking forward to chapter 5 which should be up soon (I hope) .

Re: Chapter 4

I'm glad you're enjoying the Sully men, Marion. It amuses me to think up things that challenge the prim and proper Michaela, given that she was raised with only sisters.

Chapter 5 is now up.

Debby K

Re: Chapter5

Wow! what are they going to do now? Poor proper Michaela. I hope who ever Preston is does not shut.

Really Colorado Spring is growing and it is not like before they got marry, I don't think Sully can continou doing this anymore.

I hope you post chapter 6 early in the morning tomorrow
Another great chapter.

Re: Chapter5

Thank you, Rosie. Things are about to become very interesting with Preston.

I am grateful for your feedback.

Debby K