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Re: Chapter 6

Thanks for your speculation, Lynn. Time will tell if you're right.

Debby K

Re: Chapter 7

Oh Debby! Preston sure is the nemesis of Sully and Michaela. You should find him a girlfriend .

I'm glad that Hank is trying to help, but I hope he don't make it bigger than it is.
It is great that the all family is together it is nice to read about them.

I'm glad that Michaela is not angry with Sully anymore like she said she almost lost him.

Great job, waiting the hours again for tomorrow

Re: Chapter 7

Thank you for your comments, Rosie. Remember, there were a few times on the show when Preston tried to court women without success. I think that deep down, he feels very insecure around women and about himself (as the youngest of five boys). He thinks that his money can buy anything. That is what frustrates him so much.

Debby K