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Now I realise what I had missed...

I have read "Alights on the cloud" right after its publication ended, just like all your other stories, Debby.

And just like all the others, I have laughed, smiled, dreamt and cried while reading it. Not to mention some other « sensations » in my body, though these are much too personal to be discussed in a public forum.

I LOLed, or should I say ROTFLed, with the "buffalo hide" incident. As a middle-aged French Parisian (thus urban) woman, I'll surely have much less opportunities to hear, pronounce, or even include the words « buffalo hide » in a daily conversation, than the now world-famous « enthusiasm »... but be sure that if such an occasion happens, it will bring the VERY SAME "private joking smirk" to my face.

I laughed at "your" Sullys kids' antics (am using "your" because I feel these children now belong in equal proportions to BOTH you AND their fictional parents...)

I dreamt and cried with the early chapters and Michaela's "adventure in the clouds". I'm a very rational, Cartesian person, so usually not too keen on accepting such supernatural events. But you, and ONLY YOU, have such a unique way of making those "meetings and conversations" almost believable, and humanly credible. It's just like if "a little corner of Heaven" has descended upon us poor mortals thru your talented pen, to cheer us up in this sometimes unbearable Real World, a reality which currently hurts so much with various conflicts, atrocities and injustices of all kinds.

As for every other story, I've also thoroughly collected all the poetry lines in a separate file, which I love to read on its own. Thanks to YOU and only YOU Debby K. of Quinnfic Fame, I have re-discovered the joys of reading poetry, which has lead me to extra web search in order to know more about some of these great "songwriters" of the past centuries. Thanks to something called "public domain", all these beautiful lines are now widely available with just a little bit of googling + a serious dose of curiousity. Same could be said with the historical part of your saga (especially for an European such as I, because during my school years I didn't learn much more than the Base Basics about American history...) you've made me discover or improve my knowledge of so much of the 1870's US of A, you've made us meet plenty of sometimes obscure but REAL people who have had their place here on Earth and have left their trace. The way you've been mixing for the past eight years (I mean: 1873-1881) our "Colorado Paramount Springs" fictional family and townies with actual American heroes -or villains- is simply exceptional.

I'll now try to wrap up this long rambling with a reference to its title: after reading your new "baby", I realise all I had been missing during all those silent months when your "production" stopped.

Here and there throughout "Alights....", I have spotted several "literary flower buds" which make me (and ALL your readership, I GUESS...) hope there will be a Year 1882 and possibly further in your unique Quinnfic universe. I sincerely hope all these buds you've scattered in this story shall blossom in future ones: will Brian meet the very first people who actually tried to fly? shall the family really move to Yellowstone? How will the Colleen/Dell relationship evolve? etc etc...
(Only one small detail bothers me: why did you give this guy the name of a computer brand? Why not naming him "Compaq" or "Apple" ?)

You should have understood it by now: I LOVE your saga, Mrs Debby K., I had missed it tremendously, and I am EXTREMELY HAPPY to be able to mention your name again in my fanfic newsletters. THANKS FOR ALL YOU'VE DONE AND STILL DO for all of us eager fans, not frustrated anymore after all those years of that missing TV season, because you have taken its place in a perfect manner !

In the name of all the subscribers of my Fanfic newsletter, but also personally, may I send a whole truckload of love, admiration and respect to you, dear Debby...

Re: Now I realise what I had missed...

Dear Sylvie.

I am SO grateful for your kind words about this story, my stories in general, the characters I have created, the humor and history contained in my fan fiction. Your enthusiastic comments and encouragement mean a lot to me. Thank you for all that you do to promote Dr. Quinn fan fiction. I hope you continue to do so in the future.

As for new stories, the potential is still there, and I shall not close the door.

All the best,
Debby K