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Alights on the Clouds!

Thank you SO much for continuing the saga. I had always like Dr. Quinn and rediscovered it after sometime. But, your stories have kept the charters alive for me. I found your stories around Dec '10 and read them from begining to end. I was so glad that you wrote a new one and I see so much potential in the story line. Thank you for bringing back a gentler time, a more family oriented time and just plain good romance. I hope you continue to write your stories. The Dr. Quinn world would be lost without them I thinkl. Thanks agian. Mary

Re: Alights on the Clouds!

Thanks for writing to let me know what you thought of "Alights...," Mary. I'm glad that I finally finished another story, though it presents more questions for the future.

I appreciate your taking the time to stop by to comment.

All the best,
Debby K