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This is a forum in which to discuss the fan fiction stories found on Debby K's site. You are invited to talk about previous stories or new ones.

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Hi Debbie, well it has taken me just over 2 months but I have finished all your stories I loved the way you have written them so compelling to read, the way you have brought laughter, sadness, trials and tribulations and most of all love into them all is just so inspiring. I do hope Dell and Coleen continue to blossom but I must admit I really do loath Preston, is there nothing you can do about him, like marry him off or kill him I am not a violent person but he really takes the biscuit, why does he always have to spoil things and upset Dr Mike and Sully can he not see how happy they are. Is there not something you could do to steer him away from them, he causes enough problems, I do love happy endings and a romance ending I guess that is why I want rid of Preston I shall leave everything in your capable hands, but thank you so much for such wonderful stories so far.

Take care
Love Sheena

Re: stories

Hi, Sheena.

Thank you for your dedication of reading all of those stories! I'm glad you enjoyed them and got so much out of them.

As for Preston.... If he were killed off, there would be far less drama for M&S, and that would be boring! Seriously, I hesitate to consider killing off any of the townies. Season 6 did enough of that when the series was still on.

I appreciate your posting here to let me know what you think.

All the best,
Debby K