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Chapter 1

I recently discovered your website. As an avid reader I am excited to read your stories. I read a few out of sequence. Last night I started with Chapter 1 How Do I Love Thee? Do your stories start after the last episode of Season 6? In the last episode, Colleen and Andrew get married... but they do not seem to be married in Chapter 1.
I enjoyed the way your wove the historical events into the story just like the show did at times. I can tell you did a great deal of research. I can easily see this story as an episode.. the only exception being all the poetry. I thought the letters were a very sweet idea.. I am not sure that the Sully of TV was that romantic or poetic.. But I understand that you took elements from the show and expanded on that. I also enjoyed the references in the letters to the various episodes. It was fun to read what the characters are thinking. I am looking forward to reading all of the stories. You are a talented writer.

Re: Chapter 1

Hi, Carrie. Welcome to my stories. I'm so glad that you have discovered this site, and I hope that you enjoy the stories.

A word of advice: Get used to the poetry because in my stories, Sully uses it a lot. I sort of picture that his mother read poetry to him as a child (naming him after Lord Byron), and his interest in Whitman's poetry kindled that passion. Just my imagination working overtime.

As for Colleen and Andrew, my first four stories were written before they got married. After "A Bad Dream," the stories pick up from the end of season 6, so they will be in Philadelphia.

I am grateful for your feedback.

All the best,
Debby K