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A Question about the Hospital

Hello, my name is Atilio, I live in Argentina and I discovered with my family Dr Quinn chapters here the tv not cast vvU
I searched some information on the Internet and found your wonderfull fanfics. I do a query ... how to resolve the construction of the hospital in Colorado Springs, you dedicate a chapter? Or the hospital construte in Denver?

Hopefully someday, even for a short presentation, we once again see JS the role of Dr. Quinn

Re: A Question about the Hospital

Hello, Atilio.

Thank you for your question about the hospital. If you read my stories in order by year, you will eventually come to where I have the hospital in Colorado Springs. There are times when I mention the building of it, a story when it opens, and other events that occur in it.

I hope this answers your question. Remember, the stories are written in order, as if the series had never ended.

All the best,
Debby K