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Re: question for Debby K.

Thanks for your question, Stacie.

Katherine Elizabeth Sully-May 18, 1871 (When a Child is Born)

Miscarriage-October 1872 (Comfort of Friends)

Josef Michael Sully-December 9, 1874 (A Cherished Reminder)

Miscarriage-March 1876 (Aftermath)

Cheyenne (Annie) Quinn Sully and Aenohe (Noah) Dakota Sully-May 1, 1878 (Guardian of my Heart)

Miscarriage-May 1879 (Revenge)

Hope Lauren Sully-April 25, 1880 (A Glimmer of Hope)

Miscarriage-September 1881 (Crisis of Faith)

Re: question for Debby K.

thank you so much for answering those questions!