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Chapter 3

Too funny to see drunken Sully
What will this still scheming Preston
And poor Brian ... when Andrew became interested in Mary, he will again suffer
Thank you Debby and tomorrow

Re: Chapter 3

You are right. Sully drunken stupor scene is too funny. i could not stop laughing. Debby did a great job writing that part. It's like I'm seing sully on the screen when I read that part. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Re: Chapter 3

I giggled all through the scene with the drunken Sully - poor guy!! I don't envy him the headache that will follow for sure .
But Boo!! to Preston - does he never learn?? I fear for Dell now...
It looks as if two lonely souls found each other. Although it will hurt Brian, I hope things will work out for Mary and Andrew.
Looking forward to chapter 4!!

Re: Chapter 3

OH! No, now what it is up to Preston? He is troble.
It was funny to read about a Drunk Sully, I hope Joe don't mention this in the town and Preston hear this.
Well if Brian doesn't hurry he might loose Mary.

Re: Chapter 3

Wow Debby You are thinking in everything!!!
Is soooo funny look Sully drunk is the first time for him I'm laughing in this scene soo
I'll wait tomorrow for read the next

All the best Debby and THANKS for this new fanfic


Re: Chapter 3

I'm glad you enjoyed this bit of whimsy with a "drunk" Sully. We know he would never get drunk on purpose, so I thought it might be interesting to explore how he would behave if it were accidental.

Debby K