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Chapter 5

I love the suggestion that Sully knew Michaela would be on the stage coach because he had that vision - another proof of their connection.
I hope the conversation with Josef will make sure that he won't tell in town that he'd seen his father drunk for this information would be grist for Preston's mill . I wonder how Mary will react when Brian appears with flowers on her doorstep...
Looking forward to tomorrow's chapter .

Re: Chapter 5

Thanks, Marion. It was always a mystery about how Sully just happened to be in town when the stagecoach arrived. I'm glad you enjoyed this little bit of speculation about the answer.

If you were Mary, how would you react?

Debby K

Re: Chapter 5

I do not know why my last message did not register so I again today.
Another mystery of the Net
Finally we know how Sully knew that Michael would be in the coach
Beautiful moment of complicity between Brian and his father.
I've always loved the relationship between Sully and Brian
I hope the tips of Sully help Brian
Debby, in all your stories I have always loved the dialogue of the children's and especially thoughts Joe.
Sully is truly a wonderful and attentive father and husband
Thank you and goodbye for the rest